The 10 Year Plan (Novel)Best friends Myles and Brody are total opposites.

Myles believes in true love and happily ever after; Brody believes in hot guys and lots of happy endings. But after Myles has a particularly bad date, they make a plan that, if they haven’t found true love in 10 years they’ll become a couple.

10 years later…nothing has changed. Myles is still a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right and Brody is still on the hunt for Mr. Right Now – both still alone. When they realize it’s almost time to make good on the promise they made to each other a decade earlier, both friends scramble to do whatever it takes to avoid their fate: to be a couple! The search for each other’s perfect partner is on! But maybe the man of their dreams is too close to see.

Release Date: October 7, 2015
Available Formats: Audio, e-Book, Paperback

Extra Content:

  • Myles’ favorite recipes
  • Images from the movie The 10 Year Plan

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