Revenge of the Brobot: A Steam Room Story
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A new chapter in the Steam Room Stories universe!

A softhearted stud and a rebel robot find themselves on the run from a merciless Marine.

Cutting-edge technology company Hot Bot-y Robotics has created the perfect A.I. sexbot, named ROB (Robot with Organic Body). But when its creator learns that the military wants to reprogram the robot into a state-of-the-art killing machine, he sends ROB out into the world to hide. As fortune would have it, ROB finds sanctuary in an old gym’s steam room where he catches the eye of a swoll stud named Chase. Can Chase and his steam room bros save ROB’s titanium tush from a war-hungry general? Will the amorous android find love and friendship with a sexy stud and his new RO-bros?

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Release Date: February 1, 2021
Available Formats: Audio, e-Book, Paperback

“Written with a lot of heart and plenty of naughtiness, ‘Revenge of the Brobot’ is a page turner that is best read in one or two sittings so you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world Calciano has created.”

Pip Elwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus