Aidan just finished pledging Alpha Beta Alpha fraternity and was now a full-fledged “brother.” He was easily the best-looking guy in the house. His tall swimmer’s physique made even the cheapest of clothes look like a hip fashion statement. His strong, handsome, scruffy face and stylish dark hair made him look more like a stud than the actual geek he was.

He hadn’t yet told anyone he was bisexual. It was a non-issue to him, and he figured that when the time was right, he’d share that piece of information with his housemates.

Tonight, the fraternity was hosting a beer blast, and it promised to be awesome. Kegs were brought in, and last year’s fraternity brothers were invited to attend. Aidan was psyched to get to know better the guys he’d be living so closely with, as well as some of the recent graduates.

One of the first guests to arrive was an alumnus named Karl. He was last year’s star athlete at the university. He excelled in every sport he played. Karl had short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. His chiseled features and large muscular frame made him appear considerably older than the freshman pledges.

Karl knew he was hot, and he owned it as he strutted around his old stomping grounds.

Aidan locked eyes instantly with Karl as he entered the great room. “Looks like you’re going to be my replacement around here – you’re clearly the best-looking guy on campus. I assume you’ve already realized that your purpose here in the house is to be chick bait for the other brothers, right?” Karl laughed as he continued, “Yup, I bet the ladies love you!”

Aidan chuckled modestly. He knew Karl was right about his looks, although he wouldn’t have admitted it. He saw Karl’s statement as a great time to test the waters about revealing to his brothers he was “bi”. “It’s true,” he stated modestly, “the ladies do love me, and some of the guys, too! I figure, why limit yourself, right?”

Karl laughed as he continued to set up for the party. “What are you drinking? How about a

Gin and tonic… hold the tonic?” Karl winked. Aidan smiled and nodded “yes” to the cocktail.

The two men were finishing their drinks and enjoying the party when a displeased voice rose above the music. It was fraternity president, Darrel. He was griping about a text he just received. “Damn it! I rented this incredible ski chalet for the weekend, and now my folks are coming to visit! Now, I can’t go!”

Karl didn’t miss a beat and approached Darrel. “Sorry to hear your plans got messed up. I’ll totally take the place for the weekend and cover the cost if you’d like.”

Darrel was grateful for a way out of the rental. “Thanks dude. That’s a huge relief. I owe you.”

“Happy to do it. I love skiing.” Without missing a beat, Karl turned to Aidan. “Do you ski? I’m an instructor. If you want to learn, I’ll teach you – free lessons.”

Even though Aidan had just met Karl, he believed him to be a good guy. “What’s the harm? I’ve always wanted to learn how to ski. Sure, I’m in, let’s do it!”


The weekend arrived, and it was time to head out to the mountains. Karl pulled up to the fraternity house in his charcoal-colored Jeep Wrangler. Aidan was packed and ready to go. He tossed his bags in the backseat and gave Karl a quick hello before asking, “What about skis? I’ve wanted to ask you about that. I don’t have any!” Karl chuckled, “You can rent them at the mountain. Don’t sweat it. If you’re all set, let’s do this!”

Three hours later, they pulled up to their destination—a small, quaint Swiss-style chalet. Snow blanketed the roof and surrounding pine trees. It was picturesque and idyllic. Upon entering, they discovered an inviting fire already roaring.

Karl dropped his bags by the door and bee-lined toward the full-sized bar adjacent to the sweeping leather couch. “Get you a scotch?” Karl inquired. “Hell yeah!” Aidan was quick to reply. Ah, this is the life!

Aidan decided to unpack before relaxing. “I’m going to find my room and put my things away. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Karl was in no rush to do anything but cozy up by the fire and enjoy a well-deserved cocktail.

Aidan found his room. It was quaint and cozy. Since it was only a weekend, he packed lightly: a pair of jeans, some boxers, socks, several tee-shirts, and sweaters. Ten minutes later, Aidan joined Karl back in the living room in front of the roaring fire.

“Got my Scotch?” he asked as he turned the corner towards the couch. “Right here.” Karl smiled as he held up a glass with one ice cube and a healthy pour of Glenlivet.

Aidan stopped in his tracks. He paused before carefully proceeding with his next question. “Dude, where are your clothes?” Karl leaned back on the leather couch, now fully reclined on the large sheepskin throw, holding his cocktail, fully disrobed.

“It’s hot in here, and it’s only us. Plus, this blanket was too soft to pass up. I figured, why not just make myself as comfy as possible?”

“Uh… okay, I guess.” Aidan stuttered.

As surprised as Aidan was, there was no denying that Karl looked ridiculously sexy. He had a smooth, tone body. His rugged frat-boy face look made him the perfect cover model of a beefcake magazine.

“Dude, I’ll totally get dressed if it makes you uncomfortable. I didn’t think it was a thing. We’re all fraternity brothers. You see the guys in the shower all the time.”

He’s right, we’re just two dudes. Why the big deal? Aiden thought, as he grabbed the Scotch and joined him on the couch. There was no denying that he was in heaven. The fire, the Scotch, and the weekend away with a cool fraternity brother. Perfect.

Karl tapped his phone and the bluesy guitar music of B.B. King played through the Bluetooth speakers.

Aidan couldn’t believe how sexy and comfortable Karl looked. He had to admit it, he was desperate to slip off his boots, skinny jeans, and polo shirt. Why did he feel so awkward when he first saw Karl? This must be what fraternity life is like. Aidan laughed at his own silliness as he pulled off his heavy shirt. Next, the buttons of his jeans and socks. Soon the boxers were tossed by the fireside. Aidan reclined on the oversized, cool leather couch next to Karl. This feels nice, he thought. And the Scotch makes it perfect.  Karl was happy to see him getting comfy.

As the two men settled into the night, the bottle of Scotch slowly disappeared. The conversation got friendlier, and any awkwardness slipped away.

Aidan decided that now was a perfect time to mention his sexuality to Karl. He cleared his throat before proceeding. “I’m not sure if you picked up on this at the party, but I thought I’d let you know that I’m bisexual.” Aidan waited for a reaction, hoping he didn’t just make the situation between the two naked men awkward. Karl giggled politely. “Thank you for sharing that. Since you brought it up… you may want to know, I’m more into women.”

Aidan smiled, “I wasn’t coming on to you just now. I just wanted to be honest with you.” Karl leaned forward, a breath’s distance from his face, and whispered, “That’s a shame. I was hoping you were coming onto me.”

Suddenly confused, Aidan needed to ask, “I thought you just said you were straight.”

“No, I said I’m MORE into women. I never said that I didn’t like men as well or that I wasn’t into YOU.” Karl responded confidently as he leaned closer to Aidan. His muscular, naked body was now seductively close to him.

Aidan leaned forward to meet Karl’s mouth. This man is too delicious to not sample. Besides, he’s clearly ready to play.

The two fraternity brothers kissed and locked bodies in a fierce embrace as the fire continued to roar a few feet away.

The weekend continued similarly. Karl never unpacked his luggage, nor did they ever go skiing.


A week later, during a group dinner at the fraternity, Aidan could hear one of the brothers groaning about a test being sprung on him in a class. He was already doing poorly and was upset that he had to cancel his plans to go skiing this weekend. It was too late to get a refund on the cabin he rented.

Aidan quickly offered to take the chateau rental off his hands. He was confident that Karl would be happy to provide another ski lesson. A glint in Karl’s eye suggested he wouldn’t need to pack a bag for the trip, nor would they ever make it to the slopes.