Evan put the finishing touches on what he considered the perfect romantic dinner for two. The only thing left to do was light the candles and wait for his boyfriend to arrive so that they may celebrate their one-year anniversary together. As Evan checked on dessert, he casually noticed a missed call on his cell. It was from Dario.

He must have called to tell me he’s running late…again.

Two minutes later, the phone chimed indicating a voicemail.

Best to listen to the message to see how late he’ll be this time.

“Hey babe, sorry you didn’t pick up, but maybe it’s better this way. I know our anniversary is the worst time to do this, but really, is there ever a good time to break up? You’re an awesome guy, and I really like you, but I’m going home and moving in with my parents. I still have some shit I need to work out with my family. I know this sucks, but it’s the best thing for both of us. I’m a train wreck. Please don’t hate me!”

Evan was in shock. What a shitty way to break up with someone! His anger eventually turned to confusion.

Maybe Dario needs my help. Is everything okay? I know he has an older brother who also lives with his parents. Maybe something is going on with him?

Evan rang and texted Dario several times, but no reply. He was ghosted.

After a fitful sleep, Evan decided to pay Dario a visit at his family’s house. He wanted to know that Dario was okay. Plus, if this relationship were really over, he needed closure.

Evan wasn’t a hoarder by any means, but he never threw out old greeting cards. Within minutes he found Dario’s family Christmas card with their return address. Time for a road trip.


It was a scenic two-hour drive. Evan had no idea that a mere 120 miles from the city was some of the lushest and beautiful farmland. A voice alert from the phone’s map app indicated that he’d soon arrive at the address on the envelope.

He parked in front of a sprawling farmhouse. Evan’s heart started to thump.

Was this a mistake? Should he have minded his own business and left Dario alone?

Whatever the right thing to do was, it was too late to turn back now. At the end of a gravel drive, past a vast field, he parked in front of a picturesque homestead. The fluttering from the curtains inside let him know that he was being watched.  A deep, calming breath gave him the resolve to go knock on the door.

He had barely reached the top step of the porch before the door opened revealing a shirtless, handsome, muscular young man not yet thirty years old. The man sported brilliant hazel eyes and short dark hair. His muscular, bare chest boasted the perfect smattering of hair. Evan gasped. Wow. This must be the older brother Dario mentioned. He was a towering stud of a man. Evan couldn’t help but stare at his rock-hard pecs and massive arms.

“Can I help you with something?” his sexy, deep voice queried.

Evan swallowed hard to calm his nerves in an attempt to not be too turned on by this imposing hunk.

“Yes, hi. I’m your brother’s boyfr….” Evan stopped and thought about how he should introduce himself. He paused. Then continued… “A friend from the city. Is he here?”

“Nope. He’s probably with Susie. I think he’s meeting her parents today. It’s obviously getting serious with the two of them. You’re welcome to come in and wait if you want.  I’ll get you a cold drink if you’d like. I’m Burke, by the way.”

Evan was shocked. Did he break up with him because he’s now with someone else? He knew that Dario had girlfriends in the past… but not since they’d been together. Had he lost Dario to someone from his past, someone from his hometown? A woman?

He felt sucker punched. The expression of surprise and distress on his face must have been quite obvious.

“Listen, why don’t we sit out back, and I’ll get you some homemade lemonade. I just squeezed it fresh. We grow the lemons right here.”

Evan was parched, and a cold drink would be perfect before turning back to the city with his broken heart.


Beneath the trees on a heavily shaded swing behind the house, Evan cooled down and helped himself to a second glass of lemonade. The more time passed, the more answers he felt he deserved.

“So, how long has your brother been seeing this gal, Susie?”

“You know my bro. He’s always got his dick in someone. He and Susie have been on and off for years. Now it seems to be getting serious.”

Evan couldn’t help himself, he just blurted out, “Maybe I didn’t know your brother as well as I thought I did. I didn’t know he was such a player.”

Without missing a beat, Burke replied. “Oh, yeah – he’s the stud in the family. I’m the black sheep. While he’s out breaking hearts, I’m always home doing the chores, being responsible.”

Dario’s the stud in the family?

Evan snickered, even as he became more and more pissed off. He couldn’t help himself and said, “Your brother’s certainly a fine-looking man, but I’d hardly call him a stud… certainly not compared to you!”

Burke sipped his lemonade and sweetly replied, “Now you’ve gone and made me blush. There aren’t many good-looking fellows around here like you. Unlike my brother, I prefer the company of men. Sadly, I don’t meet many out here.”

Evan couldn’t believe that this sexy, kind, and gentle stud didn’t know about him and Dario’s relationship or that his brother was bisexual or fluid. He certainly didn’t seem to be one to care. Especially since he was gay himself.

Burke smiled as he looked Evan up and down with his gorgeous, big eyes. It was clear he was calculating his next move. He then laid his hand on Evan’s thigh, “Listen, I don’t know the story with you and my brother. But, you clearly seemed upset to learn about him being with Susie. I’m sorry if he did something to upset you. He could be quite the ass sometime. I assure you that I’m not like him. I would never play with anyone’s heart the way he does. I’ll be honest, you’re the cutest and sweetest man I’ve met in long time. How would you feel about a dip in the creek with me?”

Burke inched his way closer to him, intent to kiss him. Evan wanted desperately to return the affection. His mind quickly trying to rationalize what was about to happen.

Dario is technically now my ex. Not only that, but he had also been cheating on me with an old girlfriend. Maybe it was okay if I got to know his brother better?

Evan smiled and leaned forward; their lips met in a passionate embrace. Burke pinned Evan down. His strapping bare chest pressed against Evan’s button-down dress shirt.

“Mind if I help you out of this this? If we’re going swimming, you won’t need it.”

The two men eagerly disrobed each other, pulling the other closer as if they were in a competition to see who could kiss the other more passionately.

Evan reached his hands around the waistband of Burke’s boxers, seconds away from dropping them to his ankles. A deep voice echoed from the back entrance of the house.

“Bro, what the fuck?” Burke stopped and looked up at the couple standing in the farmhouse doorway. A sheepish smile appeared on his face.

Evan looked up and was shocked at the sight before him. He closed his eyes tightly and re-opened them again as to reset the image before him. Much to his astonishment, the man standing before him looked identical to Burke. Next to him was a pretty brunette woman in her mid-twenties.

“Finally, you’re getting some ass!” the man announced with a belly laugh. The woman eventually joined in the laughter, too.

Burke didn’t seem phased. He casually introduced the couple. “Evan, meet my twin brother, Carl. And this is Susie.”

Evan burst out in disbelief. “Your brother? You’re a twin?! Dario never told me he had twin brothers!”

Burke was confused. “You know Dario?”

“Hell yeah, I do. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. We dated for a year. He broke up with me yesterday!”

Burke laughed. “I had no idea he was gay! I had a crush on him ever since high school.” Why didn’t he say something to me?

Evan was baffled at what was going on. “You had a crush on your brother?

The twins burst out in laughter again. “Dario’s not our brother. He lives next door!”

Evan finally figured out what had happened. He couldn’t help but be amused at his own silliness. “I guess I typed the wrong address in the GPS. I thought you were his brother!”

“Nope. Just a neighbor. But I’m grateful that I got to meet you!”

Carl and Susie returned to the house. They had enjoyed their laugh and seen enough of the two nearly naked men.

Burke cuddled up to Evan and asked, “Dario’s loss is my gain. Now that we know who the other really is, and both of us are clearly single, are you still up for that skinny dip in the creek?”

“Lead the way!” Evan exclaimed.

Both men made haste running to the watering hole as they shed whatever little clothing they had on along the way.